Amp Human PR Lotion For Lactic Acid Buffering

Powered by InnerEdge™ technology, PR Lotion is the world’s first, and only lotion that unlocks natural electrolyte bicarb in muscles. Athletes can now achieve more when exercising. So whether you train like a pro, or are driven by a passion to do what you love, you can go harder and recover quicker just like the world’s best athletes. (read more: Geraint Thomas Joins Amp Human)

PR Lotion is a high-tech sport lotion, relied on by many, to give their bodies more bicarb to neutralize the acid created in muscles. This helps them push harder and recover faster as muscle fatigue and soreness is reduced. The effects of sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda) in boosting performance in athletes while training and competing have long been documented.

Amp Human’s innovation combines a groundbreaking absorption technology with sodium bicarbonate, creating the world’s first bicarb sport lotion. Bicarb is a natural electrolyte that supports muscle function by buffering the acid created by exercise. It has over 40 years of research proving its benefits.

The Science Behind Amp Human PR Lotion

PR Lotion is clinically proven to reduce muscle soreness by up to 53%. It allows muscles to retain strength for longer periods during high-intensity workouts while requiring shorter recovery times. It works by buffering the acids produced by the muscles during exercise, making it an effective performance and recovery product in one.

When the lotion is used pre-workout, it targets the hardest-working muscle groups. It delivers sodium bicarbonate through absorption through the skin to reduce soreness and battle fatigue. Sodium bicarbonate is naturally produced by our bodies to neutralize the acid-base.

By stripping out acid build-up, you can drastically enhance your sports performance. So, if you are searching for a product that can give you better performance and recovery edge Amp Human is your first step!

About Amp Human

Amp Human’s mission is to fundamentally raise human capacity by creating a trusted new category of products to help athletes of all types push their limits. Their flagship product, PR Lotion, is relied on by the world’s best athletes to give their bodies more bicarb to neutralize acid in muscles which helps them push harder and recover faster. For more information, visit

Amp Human is trusted by pros all around the world, including Geraint Thomas, EF PRO CYCLING, Steven Nyman, Alexis Ryan, Cameron Wurf, and Joseph Gray – 8X World Champ Mountain Runner.

For more information, visit

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