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LMNT By Elemental Labs – South Africa

LMNT, sought after, US-based hydration drink is now stocked by FeedZone in South Africa and available to ship immediately to your door!.

LMNT developed Recharge, an electrolyte drink with a difference. Perfectly formulated to provide you more electrolytes in the ideal ratio.

Constant frustration with the lack of healthy electrolyte products on the market made way for a new kind of hydration drink, developed by Robb Wolf & his team. Fielding daily questions from people in different communities who were struggling to get adequate electrolytes, while not being able to recommend anything suitable, this science-based electrolyte was born.

The hard truth is that available electrolyte products are high in sugar and lacking in actual electrolytes. Based on the latest nutritional science, getting adequate electrolytes through these products equates to over 100 grams of added sugar per day.

We don’t think anyone needs this amount of sugar. So, for years our recommended solution was to buy electrolytes in bulk and make your own electrolyte home-brews. After spending too many hours meticulously measuring and mixing our own electrolyte homebrews and getting stopped by airport security one too many times for carrying dozens of baggies full of white powder, LMNT Recharge took to the market.

The Science
Co-Founded by Robb Wolf, biochemist, athlete, and nutrition-tinkerer. LMNT was conceptualized when Robb wanted to solve his energy, insomnia, headache, and cramping problems while fasting, training heavily, or eating according to a low card diet. The lack of sodium had been affecting his mental and physical performance for years. He found that when consuming more salt, not only did his energy skyrocket, but my brain felt sharper than ever.

Hydration and electrolytes are hot button topics today. While we are generally encouraged to reduce our sodium intake, particularly for cardiovascular health, this practice has proven to be largely ineffective in mitigating health issues such as hypertension (high blood pressure).

The position was taken by the FDA, CDC, and American Heart Association recommending that Americans consume less than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day, with an “ideal” limit of 1,500 mg per day for adults. However, broad-ranging, population-level research suggests that sodium intake at the levels routinely suggested by the medical establishment may be far more dangerous than levels much higher than current recommendations.

Endorsed by athletes such as Lance Armstrong, Leah Mamane, this product is a must-have for athletes, those embarking on fasting for weight loss, and the general public interested in healthy living.